Ribs & Burgers Now Open

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June 2016

Ribs and Burgers has opened its second Brisbane venue at Trafalgar Lane!

The retro-butcher-meets-bistro-diner has seen growing demand for their secret sauces, family recipes and standout eight-hour slow-cooked ribs and range of burgers. It is the stuff of legend, with a lineup of stars standing testament to the temptation of the taste – Joel and Benji Madden, Sonny Bill Williams, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice and Italian soccer star Alessandria Del Piero to name a few!

Ribs & Burgers’ Mona Ibrahim said the second venue was a must for Brisbane. “Opening a second Ribs & Burgers in Brisbane’s historic Woolloongabba means we can cater for customers on both sides of the mighty Brisbane River; we certainly don’t like to favour one side of the river over another, so a second venue was always on our menu!” she said.

“The new Trafalgar Lane by Pellicano is a perfect location for us; as an intricately designed urban laneway, it fits well with the urban design and aesthetic of Ribs& Burgers, albeit one which nods to the retro butcher as well,” she said. “We are really looking forward to joining what is a remarkable line up of Brisbane bars and restaurants in Woolloongabba, and of course, in feeding the Brisbane Lions and their fans come game time!”

Ribs & Burgers is a co-venture between restaurateur gurus Seagrass Boutique Hospitality Group and Pony Dining. The food promise of Ribs & Burgers is very simple – all meats are free range, grass fed, anti-biotic free & steroid free and cut to order, the grilling process is unique to the restaurant and the recipes and techniques used are fostered from an older generation of family members. Paying very special tribute to the traditional ‘butcher shop’, Ribs & Burgers celebrates the history and phenomena of butchers and their passion and knowledge for meat in both the menu and in the décor which is infused with nostalgia and globally sourced vintage elements.